Garage Talks Masterclass #001: The Future of Small Cities

In conjunction to our speaker series and panel discussion, Garage Talks will also incorporate a masterclass to further the discussion in our local communities. The masterclass is a small working group with participation from each internationally-recognized visiting speaker.

During the masterclass sessions, our members will work as a team and grapple with questions of infrastructure development, transportation, gentrification, and environmental impact. The Garage Talk masterclass will culminate in a forum around public art in cities and produce a visually-rich publication documenting the yearlong conversation.

Tickets to all keynotes are available to the public and can be reserved here.

Masterclass Participants

Jeff Buell, Principle, Redburn Development
Carmen Duncan, Chief Coach and Founder, Mission Accomplished Transition Services

Gemma Halfi, Service Learning and Community Engagement Coordinator, Emma Willard
Jahkeen Hoke, Co-founder and Chief Development Officer, 4th Family Inc.
Reif Larsen, Writer-in-Residence, Future of Small Cities
Charles Moore, Planning Director, City of Rensselaer
Maya Navabi, B.S. Candidate, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Katie Newcomb, Senior Economic Developer, National Grid
Chris Nolin, Director, Community and State Relations, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Chris Potter, Institute for Market Transformation
James Rath, Assistant Planner, City of Troy
Maureen Sager, CEO, Alliance for Creative Economy
Ryan Silva, Executive Director, Economic Development Council

Masterclass Interns

Nicole Yacura, Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Masterclass Facilitators

Heidi Knoblauch

Masterclass Readings

A Home For All: Remaking the Gentrified City, Sabiyha Prince (November 7 and 8)


Prince, Sabiyha. “Barry Farm Testimony” July 25, 2019

Mullings, Leah “Uneven Development: Class, Race, and Gender the the US before 1900” in Women’s Work, Eleanor Leacock an Helen Safe editors, 1986

Asch, Chris Myers and Musgrove, George Derek. “We Are Headed for Some Bad Trouble: Gentrification and Displacement in Washington, DC 1924-2014,” in Capital Dilemma: Growth and Inequality in Washington, DC, Derek Hyra and Sabiyha Prince, editors, 2016

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